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About us all began with Johann Wolfgang von Goethe "Die italienische Reise", who opened the yearning for Italy to German-speaking readers in 1786. Since then Italy has become the dream destination of many Germans. Lake Garda, also called the bathtub of Bavaria, is Italy's largest lake, 52 km long and maximum 18 km wide, with an area of 370 km². At the southern end of the Alpine arc, Lake Garda with its northern end lies in the mountains, while the southern shore already rises far into the Po Valley. This diversity is due to the known good weather and climate values, which are mainly influenced by the water mass, and thus offer the possibility to be outdoors for almost the whole year. The climate is almost Mediterranean mild, the summers are also hot at Lake Garda with average temperatures in July 24° C air, 22°/23° C water. The almost always blowing winds ensure a pleasant stay, which also allow you to enjoy the good wines and culinary delicacies of the region outdoors.

Lake Garda is primarily a bathing lake due to the relatively early onset of sunlight and its protected location. The water quality is very good, thanks to the closed ring sewer system that flows into the large wastewater treatment plant south of Peschiera.

Initially, olive oils, lemons, figs, wine and the production of paper were the most important economic products. Today it is still agricultural products, in nearby Brescia it is vehicle and body construction with its suppliers and tourism.

Towards the end of the last millennium, professional changes were decisive for the initiator of this participation exposé to fall in love with this beautiful spot on earth. As a young graduate economist (University of Mannheim) with several years of experience as an auditor in a chemical company, he was offered the opportunity to found and establish a sales company in Italy for a German commercial vehicle manufacturer. Verona became a centre of life and work.  With interruptions, the initiator has now been working in Italy for over 20 years and is very familiar with the language and mentality of the Italians.

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